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USF – AWB   has received the following application on behalf of Arnaud NDOLO. “In the area that concerns me, particularly topography; I bother to inform you, that Congo has no center for training, or introduction to the topography. Bachelor in sociology, and passionate about topography, I am unfortunately unable to master fully this profession, because of  many gaps, notably, by the lack of a good profile, due to the lack of training infrastructure.
It’s an opportunity for me to tell you how much, your expertise, could be beneficial for young people seeking training, but also, in this segment of the population that has enormous difficulties to exercise this profession according to the rules of the art.
So, you want to tell us, what you can do, in the best of your ability; although that is not a university or a similar institution that have consulted you. In advance, we would be very happy to work with you, serving as an interface with other organizations which wish to participate in such a project; While taking account of the particularity of the city of Pointe – Noire (economic capital  of Congo, harbor and oil city), where there is no University. Similarly, if the setting up of a company is impracticable in the short or medium-term, our wish would be to help us, in partnership with other NGOs, dealing with training in developing countries, to organize seminars in topography. Your association, as a pilot structure, could then refine the content of each module, resource person and set a schedule, with costs and the places chosen for these courses.”
If any of you are interested, please contact USF – AWB.