Our association is dedicated to the assistance for the modernization of universities located in developing countries. We are asked to launch the following announcement.
Minimum requirements:

  • A University degree at least at Master’s level or equivalent specific professional experience of at least 13 years (in addition to the general professional experience indicated below);
  • Mini 12 years solid and diversified experience of working in the area of education (accreditation, assessment, teachers’ training, quality education, etc.) including experience of evaluating education projects preferably in Asia;
  • Mini 12 years solid and diversified experience of working in project and program evaluation and should be well versed in evaluation methods and techniques;
  • Mini 10 years professional experience of working in Asia, preferably in South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal);
  • Mini 5 years’ experience in Systemic Approaches to institutional (& organizational) development, reform, capacity building and change processes in the education sector through budget support in developing countries;
  • Experience of implementing and/or evaluating at least 5 education projects of which at least 1 should be budget support and experience in running EU funded projects will be considered an asset;
  • Post graduate studies and/or specific training in subjects related to the assignment under this contract;
  • Professional experience in volatile environments.

Language: English/Urdu

  • Starting period: 12/2019
  • Duration: 60 working days (on 120 calendar days max duration of the assignment)

Locations: Pakistan
Candidacies: Application Form
Deadline: Thursday October 17.
Send together an application letter and the USF-AWB registration form to both
Marc Schneider: mschneider@dmiassociates.com
and Prof. Robert Laurini, president of USF-AWB: Robert.Laurini@usf-awb.org
Website: http://www.usf-awb.org